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Bringing airborne missions to the next level

With resilient and reliable airborne communications, mission effectiveness can now be achieved – even when air operations are challenged.

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Secure, real-time airborne communications systems for faster in-flight decisions.

Get ready to change the way air missions are planned & executed.


Operators today are facing new and emerging challenges that require operations within and through increasingly combative environments. That’s why the success of the mission depends on real-time situational awareness data — whether it’s at the tactical, strategic, or national level. 

Transforming airborne missions

Tactical, strategic, and national

Command and Control operations can now stay as productive in the air as they are on the ground. While en route on aircraft, commanders can stay connected, informed, and productive with Viasat’s airborne satcom services and systems. Securely access private or public networks. Place and receive phone calls. Access live video streams and conduct video teleconferences — all while in flight.  

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions have become a cornerstone of modern military operations, answering the commander and warfighter's need for critical, accurate, timely intelligence information in order to make fast and effective decisions. With strategic and tactical ISR missions powered by Viasat’s airborne satellite broadband or line-of-sight data links, commanders and warfighters can securely access and analyze high-definition ISR full-motion video, sensor data, and airborne communications in real time.

With secure, airborne SATCOM from Viasat, commanders and government leaders can access real-time intelligence, address and coordinate with remote teams, collect information, make decisions, and carry out plans from 30,000 feet. Viasat's high-capacity broadband services ensure remarkably fast data speeds and abundant bandwidth to enable senior leadership to be productive and in touch on the move, even while in-flight around the globe. 

When lives hang in the balance, mere minutes can make a world of difference in the success or failure of Search and Rescue (SAR) missions. In situations where the unknown can span very large territories of land or water, SAR missions gain incredible operational advantage with Viasat's real-time HD video and broadband airborne communications services and systems. Whether it's searching for missing persons in dire situations or trying to locate lost aircraft, maritime vessels, or wreckage, Viasat technology speeds the pace of progress and increases the likelihood of success in SAR efforts around the world.

Whether it’s a warfighter enduring a battlefield wound or a civilian injured after a natural disaster, it is critical to provide proper medical treatment during the precious golden hour. From relaying vital information to the medical facility to video chatting with doctors while the crew provides life saving measures, Viasat’s airborne SATCOM and line-of-sight connectivity enables fixed and rotary wing aircraft to conduct telemedicine operations while en route to a hospital.

As threats to international borders become increasingly sophisticated, the mission of securing a nation becomes more complex and dynamic. Viasat provides government agencies with secure satellite and line-of-sight communications to help monitor and protect borders, vital infrastructure, and precious resources in real-time, every minute of every day. Our communication systems and services can help keep a nation safe from threats within, at, and beyond its borders with video surveillance transmission, real-time ground and airborne communication systems, and cybersecurity protection. 

Integrated solutions for airborne missions

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Viasat’s resilient network and mobile SATCOM systems connect those in the air, on land, and at sea with real-time information necessary for making critical, split-second decisions.

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Viasat’s 30 + years of cybersecurity and data protection solutions include Type 1 end-to-end encryption and managed services to help safeguard proprietary and classified information.

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